The Undateables episode 10 (eng sub)

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3 Replies to “The Undateables episode 10

  1. It needs a whole lot less of the support cast. Drop the one sided love of the younger man entirely, there’s no chemistry. It’s already tough to see her as romantic. She’s a great emotive actor, but I see her as best suited to single corporate females and mom roles, and have thought so even before she married… I want to see more of the male lead, he is the engine to all the dramas he’s been in. They’re wasting him, I want to fast forward through much of this in fact clicked two episodes ahead and thought oh, they just arrived at this point? No need to go back. I think the shoot is entirely too pastel and lacks mood. I care little of his “dad step mom or her dad” . The only reason I will watch it is NGM.

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