The Smile Has Left Your Eyes episode 3 (eng sub)

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5 Replies to “The Smile Has Left Your Eyes episode 3

  1. why is he making out with her and he has feelings for the other girl.. Lead girl I guess…… do not make since, they are making it look like his the killer but his not…….. can not be,,,,,,,,, I hope not,,,,,,,,,,,,I think he wants to break the marriage up cause it has to do with that guy she is marring,,,,,,,, somethings up anyone have any ideas on this ?

    1. I think it’s a female, the sister no doubt. They would have scripted a chocking if it were a male. She was hit with the dance award, that is definitely a females jealousy. During episode 2 his sister said, the dead girl was problematic in death just as in life. He is trying to shipwreck the marriage, because the girl is to much of a puppy dog to stand up for herself and quit the rich guy on her own..

  2. it has been awhile since i was confused about a kdrama
    who is the killer ? you can really tell!!!
    some times i think KMY is the killer but he can’t be the one who kills ? he is a helper he is always there to help out all the three womens the one with tatoo, the one he supposelly dating and our lead wich ‘s by the way falling for her deeply
    any ways i think his friend who kill that women (he is also in the picture)
    see how confused iam?
    that kiss in the end !!! what i can say ?!!! WTF i don’t like men with two hearts so make you decision you must pecks one of them you can’t have them both

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