The Nokdu Flower

The drama is set during the Peasant Uprising in Korea (the uprising Tonhak), which took place from 1893-1895. Two stepbrothers fight on opposite sides of this rebellion.

Baek Yi Kang is the eldest son of a wealthy government official. But because of his mother’s low social status, people look down on him. He has a sharp look and a cold smile, speaks sarcastically, loves to fight. Baek Yi Hyun is Baek Yi Kang’s younger brother. Unlike his brother, his mother is the legitimate wife. Handsome, smart, and despite the position of his elder brother, Baek Yi Hyun has great respect for him. Song Ja In is the only child of a wealthy merchant. She is couragous, intelligent and is committed to becoming the best merchant in Joseon.

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  1. I hv very little expectation on this show but watched because of one of my fav actor Jo Jung Suk. Wah this based on true historical story blow me away, its such a powerful storyline with strong cast. I cried buckets bcos its so sad and real. Pls watch it.

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