Suits episode 7 (eng sub)

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6 Replies to “Suits episode 7

  1. I love Park Sik but this Drama i am not liking very much so sorry Park Sik, you rock but it is not holding my interest… Your hot , your talented , your great, but I can not watch it any longer. not liking the girl you are interested in . Wish they had to get someone else that would best suit you.. Lead guy is ok…… but i did not like suits in the American Drama as well……….. Fighting Park Sik I hope to see you again in another Drama.. i seen you in all your Dramas .. not feeling this…………… I might come back later to support you………. Thank you Dramafire ..

    1. hi annie…i soooo agree! but for now i’m still watching by skipping the details and just fast forwarding to park hyun sik’s face hehehehehe!

  2. Honestly after strong woman Do Bong Soo it hard to see him with any other leading lady but park bo young. I don’t like the leading lady too after watching Mother

    1. I agree with you Walbi, I can not get pass those two as well.. I still watch Strong woman Do Bong Soo , Park Sik acting in that Drama showed his Talent, and his eyes for her.. I am hoping he be cast in another Drama with her…

    1. I know , I hated to post what i said cause I was so waiting for the Drama to come out and now i am not that into it.. I love Park Sik , but I just can not get around to watching the eps only with him in it too.. I feel so sorry to have to say it.. but I am not liking this Drama…….. how its high rating I do not know, I guess they go by the Leads and because it is an American Drama ..but we all have to support our oppa Park Sik.. so I may continue skipping threw . lol… I tell you a Drama that needs high ratings I love it.. Something in the Rain .. I am so into the leads, the passion, romance, its so good….. I hope they get an award.. are you watching this Drama gianna?

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