Something in the Rain episode 14 (eng sub)

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6 Replies to “Something in the Rain episode 14

  1. i think its going to be a sad ep again my heart can not take this.. writer please I need a happy ending those two need to get married.. The hell with her mother…… she wants her daughter with a wealthy man she do not love….. I wont watch another drama like this again if they split up… My heart is so full of happiness for those two and i do not think I can handle them separating,, he be leaving for the us.. and she be left here cause she will not go……… noooooooooooo get married .. you love him he loves you……………….

  2. i smell sad ending😭😭😭😭
    something like…JH goes to USA, JA stay like she cant leave her parents. And after some years JH is coming back home while JA end up by marrying another man (choosed by her mom)😭😭😭😭
    noo i hope it wont happen

  3. if they break up in this drama…but are together IRL, then i can accept the ending. if not, that’s going to really suck! =0/

  4. Okay, I am fed up of breaking and making up. This break up is an emotional trauma for the viewers tooπŸ˜₯😣😣😣

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