Love Alarm episode 8 (eng sub)

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9 Replies to “Love Alarm episode 8

  1. wow love it, I am for second lead guy are you? his so sweet and has loved her a long time, his rich friend seen how he was walking behind her but still he went for her, not a nice friend , I like him but not for her

    1. sun oh to me is selfish too , he knew his friend like this girl and he still went for her, Sun oh also has a girlfriend now , she do not have a boyfriend and his friend do not have a girlfriend he waiting for her.. .. so second lead for me. sorry..

  2. Sun oh for me. Good guys finish last. I feel like they belong together…they are similar… both know loneliness…while second lead only knows love..from his mother… honestly…Sun oh and Kim jojo are a perfect match

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