Hyena on the Keyboard (2018)

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The Korean music industry is like a jungle. Only the artists who can offer high quality music can survive and be loved by the people. On Hyena on the Keyboard, popular artists who represent Korea will show us the process of how hit songs are produced and end up getting listed on the music charts. The big players within the Korean music scene will share useful tips on how to compose and write lyrics that may be the next hit song. The experts will reveal their personal methods of how they had developed and progressed as they made their way to the top within the music industry. Not only does this show affect well-known artists that have already been exposed throughout the media, but also to those who dream of becoming an artist and to those who hope to make an improvement in their music career. Hosted by Jung Hyung Don and Sunny, this holiday special takes the viewers on a musical journey where they can learn about the struggle behind all the glamor.

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