Clean With Passion For Now episode 12 (eng sub)

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7 Replies to “Clean With Passion For Now episode 12

  1. his not going to take that job grandpa when he finds out his girl;s mom died there due to your company.. he will stay at his own company and live a happy life with the lady he loves. I hope so… happy ending please cause those two have my heart. the fairly guys are so awesome. her father and brother and dr.. is amazing ,, I love him too, his so cute and caring ………. lets have a happy ending for them all oh can not forget her friend , which I hope dates her brother lol.. His secretary I hope she helps them,,,,,, I like her. give the company to her..she works hard, and has a sick child maybe that is why she is listening Grandpa… I have to say his mom rocks , when she said how come you do not like my son I almost died,,,,,,

  2. They did a good job building up the chemistry between these two! I was hesitant to finish this at first, but I’m glad I stuck with it!

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