Beautiful World (2019) episode 4 (eng sub)

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3 Replies to “Beautiful World (2019) episode 4

  1. wow fantastic so sad but yet a great performance high ratings please.

    I hope for happy ending for that family Please and the boys need to learn a lesson ,, big time…………..

  2. Wow what a great drama! So far this is the best ever!Being a parent is quite hard to accept about your kids life good & bad! But as a victim & the family, it’s hard to accept without knowing the truth! Being a parent myself ,I worry how my kids school life is esp. when I’m at work! But knowing your good kid in a comatose state, you will surely not stopping to find the truth! This drama made me realized as a mother to always talk to our kids their everyday activities at school,if they are bullied or making good at school. It’s our responsibility as parent no matter how busy we were to monitor what’s going on with their teenage life and know & correct it! It’s happening here in the USA and around the world! Kids who are the victims never shared it to their parents when they are hurt! But as a mother, we should talk to them daily how school life is so we can assess and help their problem! They said ,mother’s knows best!!! It’s our instinct to know what’s best for them.As a mother please don’t ignore your kids plea of help! talk about their ups & downs in school and give good advise and not cover them! This drama reminded me how my artist daughter bullied in middle school and it hurts me hard knowing the kids who bullied are the closest friend of hers! We don’t want our kids suffer the worst like this…so I cried how the parents in this drama handle things in their own way. Bullying is not just a habit but a disease for kids peer pressure,it should be shared to prevent life like this! I can’t wait how this drama ends but I am watching here in Chicago!The actors are amazing it made me cry watching from beginning to 4th ep. and relate what a parent should do in times like that! It’s a very good message to all parents who worked hard for a living to raise our kids right! 10 stars for me!

  3. great drama….can´t believe I almost missed it among all the kbubblegum…great drama across the board…uber impresssed with the editing, camerawork, photography, script and script…the acting is building up..I can feel things boiling over..don´t know who the kid is but he has got psychopath down to the T…great acting chops for a newbie

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