Beautiful World (2019) episode 14 (eng sub)

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8 Replies to “Beautiful World (2019) episode 14

  1. wow .. what a beautiful drama . it’s really trilled me .the Mother of Seon Ho & the father who portrait as a parents. they truly great. it’s really good character they had. even the boy who played Joon Seok is really good too. & Gian Chan he’s pretty cute even he’s chubby. he’s good in he’s acting . even the girl who played sister of Seon Ho. Soo Ho she really good achild actress. I remember Park shin hye in her. in staairway to heaven. all of them are all truly great. all the cast is truly good in every role they played. I can gives this drama A score of 10…

    1. yep me too it is amazing and its based on bulling which is on going in schools for sure.. The a acting is great, the cast is great. big awards for this drama for sure I jsut hope Korea sees what we see in this drama .. 10 stars for sure

      1. if you liked it so much then review it on I don´t know what people are thinking when they rate,,,check out the trailer for ep15´s out now

  2. and in case you missed´s joon seok´s dad that raped da hee…she probably went looking for him that day he dumped her…etc

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