Arthdal Chronicles episode 18 (eng sub)

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10 Replies to “Arthdal Chronicles episode 18

  1. What just happened ??? Has this series ended? Please explain?
    Why did they show pictures of the cast and crew at the end of Ep.18 right
    when they were in the middle of a cliff hanger? Please HELP me out here! Anyone?

  2. Looks like theres another season coming because it didnt indicate last episode and there will be war from both sides and talha will

    Have baby. Rise of neathal is coming …so on. .. maybe next year is the next season

  3. There still have part four and so on until they arrived to an ending…we wil wait what part it is….E01-E06 part 1….E05-E12 part 2….and E13 to E18 part 3

  4. Netflix is so annoying ! Like what ever happened to Kingdom another “Netflix Original”
    that stopped 4 months ago only after episode 6 !!! So frustrating,

  5. This is Just the first season divided into 3 parts 6 12 18 ep
    Season 2 will be aired in 2020
    Season 3 2020-2021

    Keep on waiting XD

  6. sorry to break it to you, but that´s the end folks!hahhaah..the drama was a bust!total disaster ratings wise; part 3 is the end. For all you newcomers to kdramaland welcome to choppy writing and editing. cheers!

  7. ChinCha? bummer It was soo good,I didn’t notice choppy writing or editing and
    I’ve seen dramas that were so much worse go to 50 + episodes Hahahaha!!

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