Angel’s Last Mission: Love episode 4 (eng sub)

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6 Replies to “Angel’s Last Mission: Love episode 4

  1. wow this is the best love it, looks like his an angel too, maybe a bad one, not so sure,,,,,,,, but we all want her secretary angel love her cause she is falling for him, oh please happy ending my heart can not take it , if he gets hurt,,,,,,,,, our sweet Angel …………

    1. Maybe he also have the same mission before he was an angel but then he fell in love with the woman that looks like her and failed to go back to heaven. And then she died and he continue living in human world as an ordinary man .

  2. please someone tell me the name of the song when they are floating the lanterns I love it who is singing it and the name please. what guy is singing that song , just stay is in it.. oh oh oh just stay…………… just you and me……………. someone tell me please

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