All About Secrets

2018/06/All-About-Secrets.pngAll About Secrets” />
Li-Er, who recently broke up with Zhang Yang, is now teaching in Tian Yi High School. Li-Er has a charming air about her, and also has a refreshing teaching style. No matter it’s during class or interaction with the students, she is always full of a certain charm that is not found in other teachers. Soon, Li-Er becomes popular and loved by the student community. Duan Bai-Wen, Yu Chi-Zi, Si Jia-Li are 3rd years high school seniors. In their adolescence, they face the usual BGR emotional troubles and concerns. With Li-Er’s help and guidance, the students manage to weather these challenges, concentrating their energies on the coming high school examination (Gao Kao), and from there beginning a new phase in their young lives.

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