A Korean Odyssey – Hwayugi episode 14 (eng sub)

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13 Replies to “A Korean Odyssey – Hwayugi episode 14

  1. Done watching.
    I love this episode.that ending part when SOG tell SJ to call him.
    Looking forward next week for another episodes.

  2. I’ve been lagging quite abit when running the show at 720p for these recent episodes, wish that 480p is available… *cross fingers* *admin pls*

    Another amazing episode of Hwayugi… Am I the only one that thinks the villians in this show are quite weak? (Where’s my bloodshed?? hahaaha) lmao like exchanging souls is an interesting concept, but it looks like they’ll resolve the problem within twenty mins the next ep (just guessing)…

    …and the effect of 99 lives of punishment inflicted on ma wang = blindness only? (but i have to admit it’s funny) (Where’s my bloodshed?? hahaaha)

    1. ^okay to be fair i don’t want too many hospital scenes of them dying… but you know, more action and fighting scenes ^^

      love the romance part tho πŸ˜‰

  3. Woahh Ah Sa Nyeo is one crazy biatch. Sam Jang needs to stop being so naive and step up her game to win over Ah Sa Nyeo. Come on, give her all the abilities already. So upset watching her so defense less. Anyways, I am so in love with this story! Episode 15 pleasee. #teamsamjang

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