Wok of Love

Wok of Love

This drama tells a story of love, survival with a focus on a star chef who fell from the top chef in the best Chinese restaurant in Korea to a tiny kitchen of a local diner down on its luck.

Chef Seo Poong (Lee Joon Ho) was once a star chef and worked at the best Chinese restaurant. His popularity faded and he eventually wound up working at a small, failing Chinese restaurant. Meanwhile, Doo Chil Sung (Jang Hyuk) is the owner of a building. He is an ex-gang member and he was in jail for 5 years.

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9 Replies to “Wok of Love

  1. i really love a drama where there’s an ex-gangster becoming so kind, the first 4 episodes makes me so in to it, cant wait for more epusodes. jang hyuk’s charms, uugghhh!

  2. Just love this drama! A very good balance of comedy, romance and life lessons. Just perfect. And my ship is Poong and Sae Woo. But I love Gangster Ajusshi too. Hope this drama gets a lot of recognition!! Fighting!! <3 <3

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