Wok of Love episode 16 (eng sub)

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12 Replies to “Wok of Love episode 16

  1. wow great drama love how handsome wok is lol jun ho just gorgeous. . love him his also a great actor….Jang Hyuk is great too. but i am for jun ho to get the girl…

  2. I have to say at this point I don’t really care who she ends up with, but I just don’t feel any chemistry between her and the chef. Something’s amiss.

    1. I also don’t care who she ends up with and I agree with you about the chemistry. Sae woo’s character matches Chil seong’s more.

      1. It seems like Poong is only liking her because of what his fortune cookie said. Whereas Chil seong started liking her in the very first scene when they were in the parlor.

    2. Yeah same here ,but first in of I want actress go to both 🙁
      Ofcourse gangster is my first preference

  3. poor Jang Hyuk oppa. I want him with the girl. I dont know if it’s only me, Junho’s acting in this drama seems nothing different in “Good Manager”.

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