What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim episode 8 (eng sub)

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18 Replies to “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim episode 8

  1. yes I was hoping they kiss and she like him his brother is a lier,,,I hope she finds out soon its not him its her boss that she was with and he made the promise to marry her…. love this drama .. thank you dramafire you rock..

  2. Ok so not only is his brother a damn devil he’s a snake as well. Really dude you take your brother’s trauma and make it your own then you try to steal his girl.

    1. It’s become psychology problem. First the older brother jealous to smart younger brother. First, The older brother do bullying to younger brother. The smart younger brother can bear it and feel that it’s alright. One day the older brother want take out the young one. Leave him in amusement park and at last being kidnapped. The older one realize the young was being kidnapped and report it to police. After the young one was released. The older one feel scared being blamed. Over scared make the older have twist memory. The older one feel like him was kidnapped. And start attacking the young one. The young one see the older one like that. Feel sad. The young decided to agree what older one think and act like he is lost his memory too. Okay that’s my opinion script :v

  3. Oh my! How sweet of Mi So to realize it was her boss and not his brother who made a promise to her that he was going to marry her. You know, the past clears up the matter between lies and truth. I love this drama!

  4. Finally they kissed 💋😻. The mind might not remember but the heart will. They may have lost some of the memories of the past but their hearts obviously remember each other. I so love this episode. It gave me the feels… I was cringing (in a good way) watching it specially the last part. Can’t wait for next week for the next episode. Thank you so much for uploading this video. Good job.

  5. I felt so happy when they kissed(finally). I can’t wait to see the part when Mi So will find out that the oppa is actually Joon yeong. Oh my god!!!! And I loved the part when joon yeong gives Mi So a box of caramel. Like the older times of them. Wow in next episode they will be going on a date officially. Sad we’ve to wait another 6 days. I just don’t like joon yeong’s brother,so evil. Anyway this drama is really really good. I just loved it..

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