What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim episode 6 (eng sub)

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16 Replies to “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim episode 6

  1. Okay so here is my theory: While they were young after the kidnap, Young Yeon told his elder brother about his trauma. Now, the bro is using it as a yardstick to win Kim So over 😅😅😅just my theory.

    1. i think the older brother saw everything that happend to his lil brother while he was hiding and he let that happen to him because of jealousy. now it became traumatic to him and felt so guilty that he thought it actually happen to him..like a psychological thing.. cause he also had nightmares regarding the kidnapping insident..that’s my theory..

  2. Who’s telling the truth?😐.. but I am more convinced that it’s Seo joon but what’s really happen in the past cause at the last ep they’re both dreaming about something traumatic..😓

  3. I think both of them were kidnapped before. The reasons why they got fight maybe his older brother successfully escaped from the kidnapper & left him behind. That why he always got bad dreams, scars etc hahaha. And secretary kim is one of their childhood friend’s before she moved to new place. He might forget about his childhood friends bcs he doesn’t even want to remember about his past again since the accident

  4. I think both Lee Young Joon and Lee Sung Yeon were kidnapped along with Mi So and since Sung yeon feels like he was always compared to Young Joon coz he was a smart kid, when he got a chance to escape he left alone. Lee Sung Yeon memory was altered and also I think the reason why Young Joon hired Mi So as his secretary coz he remembered her during that tragic incident.

  5. What if the elder brother has a mental problem that makes him think that he went through what his brother went through out of guilt for not protecting his brother….. The younger brother has a scar on his leg that looks like they tied him up… So itz nore believable that iys him who was kidnapped

    1. That is what I think too but then why did he tell mi so that it was his brother that got kidnapped when she asked? and i don’t think his brother has mental problems but more like ptsd or something like that.

  6. Based on what the elder brother said to Min So I think what he said is true but instead of Young Joon buying the drink and left him, maybe he’s actually the one who will buy the drink and left Young Joon behind that’s why Young Joon got kidnapped. And abt the elder’s brother dream i dont know damn im so confuse.

    1. well i’ll say there are so many things young joon is keeping inside…..he has lived with the pain for such a long time….it must be traumatic and painful what his elder brother did to him otherwise i can’t understand why he would detest him so much…don’t you think? i just love him!!! young joon i mean…so dashing, cute and handsome

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