Touch Your Heart episode 1 (fixed) (eng sub)

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29 Replies to “Touch Your Heart episode 1 (fixed)

  1. can you please re-upload the video (thankyou thankyou) with the fixed subtitle? please please please….. i would love to watch this drama so much. thank you.

  2. When uploading the videos, please check beforehand and afterwards to see if they’re synched. It’s been up for 3 hours and this wasn’t fixed before leaving it here???

    1. Hey remember that the uploader is not in anyways obligue to us we’re only watching it for free so why don’t you wait. If you want a better quality why don’t you go to viki and pay premium there. 🙄😂

  3. Hey guys remember that this is a free site and we owe the uploader big time so why don’t we wait not like that it seems we’re paying them to give us service especially you *Uni* 😂. If you want a good quality why don’t you go premium in viki lol 🙄😝. Remember patience isva virtue ✌️

  4. Dramafire are you there , this do not work… I never watch my Drama;s any where else only your site , Thank you for that, but I will have to go to Viki soon I really want to see this.. My Goblin buddies are in it…….. lol Thank YOu

    1. fijo are you a VIP here? your not paying them so stop complaigning and wait. if you can’t wait them pay for subscription elsewhere 😛

  5. These people have the audacity to complain when they’re not even paying the subbers. HECK! These hypocrites needs to be slap hard for them to fully awake that it is not the subbers obligation to sub the drama but they’re doing it because they want to help others understand and convey what the story is all about. These people should have said gratitude instead of scrutinizing for the not synch sub. What a shameful netizens.

  6. For those who’s complaining about the sub please dont blame DF , as if your paying for monthly subscription! Be patient and wait for them to fix it coz we all know that we also have our own things to do!

  7. Couldn’t download the videos through both the link. Kindly fix it. Even tried other dramas but couldn’t download any of it. Kindly fix the issue.

  8. Hai I couldn’t download any if the dramas through the links. Kindly fix the issue. I even tried downloading other dramas but still couldn’t download. It would be really great if you could fix the problem. Thanks.

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