Time episode 10 (eng sub)

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5 Replies to “Time episode 10

  1. wow this Drama is wicket I hope you all are out there watching this .. I hope he do not leave the Drama if so then let it be his death as her Husband and all his money goes to her………………. she likes him and he likes her…….

  2. Hello!
    I must say dramafire is the best site to watch and download any type of dramas, to me at least and I seriously quite enjoy it very much. But please, why are you uploading the movies in only 480p and 720p? I posted this same comment on are you human, but nobody answered me. Please at least you should be putting the size of the film, just like in your old site so that we’ll be able to know the size of the film we are going to download. Please consider my request. Thank you very much

    1. They do not answer me too.. is anyone not there,, lol DF is the best site but I hate their new site here rather the old one even making comments not the same,,,,,,,,, but its better then not having them at all………….. I have trouble all the time loading . never did before but do now

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