The Third Charm

The series tells the twelve-year love story of two individuals with completely opposite personality who unexpectedly met on a group blind date.

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One Reply to “The Third Charm”

  1. For those who are about to watch this… let me share my views and reactions… First of all, this is a treat for all rom-com lovers.. guaranteed to make you fall in love and at the same time, smile and laugh in every episode. A-not-so-unusual-story but it will really make you continue to watch the succeeding episodes…in fact the story is so common and simple you might be able to guess what will happen next, but since the actors are “cute” and very natural in their respective roles, it is so immersing and will leave you to want to watch more. As expected of kdrama, the ending is… i will leave you to find out. But nonetheless it is a “feel good” watch and i think the director and staff did a great job. The leading actor and actress, if you will see them initially, it is as if they are not matched to each other based on looks. The female lead is somewhat older looking… but in the end it matched because of the certain circumstances you are about to find out.

    Anyways, i hope this could help you in your search, if you like a light but entertaining, simple but dramatic, well-paced love story…i think this ones for you.

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