The Crowned Clown episode 16 (eng sub)

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11 Replies to “The Crowned Clown episode 16

  1. Wow that was a wild ride, but a good one for sure. I thoroughly enjoyed this, it was very well made. One of my favs for sure. Will be watching this again some day no doubt.
    How does the movie compare? I’m thinking about watching it if it’s as good.

    1. Movie was ok-ok maybe bcos story wasn’t really complete since its a movie. I think Yeo Jin Goo really upped e role and make this the best drama so far!

  2. what other dramas are you guys watching that you can recommend to me. i watch all sorts drama comedy historical lol anything thats good really please and thank you

  3. Wow! Lovely ending… One of my best dramas with nice storyline and casts…

    @ Kat… Am presently watching Babel… And it’s kind of lovely too I must say

  4. You guys are no. 1 website for free downloads. Keep it up. Am gonna advertise you guy and make you popular in my country. Thanks!

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