Something in the Rain episode 16 finale (eng sub)

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22 Replies to “Something in the Rain episode 16 finale

  1. wow best Drama and couple I have ever loved .. Bravo to the writer and to the leads, cast as well. Dramafire you Rock.. I hope this guy gets an award, so glad for a happy ending ,, lead actress always beautiful and great actress……. I loved this so much I will watch parts again and again…… look forward to seeing them again together.

    1. I love this drama. At first, I was feeling disappointed at what will be the outcome, saddened that their romance would be a very sad ending. Thank you, writer, Son Ye Jin and Jung Hae In. Will wait to see that you win an award for doing this drama. Daebak!! A very happy ending for me. It is quite a proof that parents really really can’t win over their children. They have their own lives to live, good or bad. The important thing is they made their own choice in the end and that is all . Thank you casts! I love you all !

  2. of them has to throw away their go so they could be together again :’)
    but i still wondering how did jinA solve her sexual harassment problem? that was not clear🤔

  3. What a Happy ending in love, It conquers all inspite of all the troubles and misunderstanding but Love prevails! Loved they portrayed it well! It’s good to be in LOVE:) BRAVO!

  4. What a wonderful drama <3 great acting by lead characters (even those with minor roles did really well), fitting music, great writing and directing. This tops all the dramas I've watched so far and boy did I watch too many for one lifetime already lol 5stars*****

  5. Wow ,very wow eventhough im unsatisfied for the ending because i want more.thanks for all the staff for this drama i enjoy much ..

  6. What words would describe this… “excellent”? “Most excellent”? It should be more than that. Hmmm… i’m lost for words here. My heart is overflowing with tears of joy, Ye-jin and Hain, Director, the whole cast, the entire production…

  7. You can overcome anything if you fight for your love, they were meant to be together. Am so glad the guy realized what she had to go through to survive in life without him. A very realistic story, I can relate but mine did not have a happy ending. That was a beautiful love story, a perfect 10!

  8. perfect 10 is right,, I hope they get best couple, best kiss, best Drama…… they so deserve it.. Best actor/actress…….. everyone of her Dramas are a 10……. I want a boyfriend like him……… I want what they have , their relationship is so so strong when they are together………. Bravo to writer, to cast, to DF

  9. Groan, one more weak hurry wrap it up ending. I have no reason to believe that this fictional couple will survive their next fight. 3 minutes of whatever in the end left me thinking they are still right where they left off, nothing had changed at all. WEAK ENDING!

  10. OMG i cant 4get this korean Drama i love you so much Seo Jon Hee, for sure i will miss you both, wishing & hoping for something in the rain part 2, Writer please do write part 2, Wishing you both an award for this great great great drama, God bless you all!

  11. how can there be no character development??

    i was playing xenoblade chronicles, and a line from that game rang really well with the mom. The god who created a whole race of living beings said “The futures of our children belong to them alone. Though we are their creators, their lives are theirs to control.” The mom didn’t learn anything, not that or to respect other human beings. at least she did apolagize and let jin ah go to jeju without throwing a tantrum

    the dad still has no spine. no pride.

    yoon jin ah is still a pushover. I thought she was becoming a strong independant woman but nope. her new boyfriend needs to find a woman who fits his lifestyle.

    joon hee doesn’t realize what went wrong in their relationship. jinah needed autonomy, but he just couldn’t get over his desire to help. tho it still was mostly jin ah’s fault. they really both needed to have better communication, how are they gonna keep on going.

    geum bora is a good character. if the ending had her and jin ah live together till old age as lesbian lovers i wouldn’t have minded it at all XD

    still, i loved this drama despite the faults. it had me hooked. tho did she actually end up throwing away the umbrellas???

  12. I don’t know about you guys but it feels like they made a rush ending for this drama. Not quite satisfied with the outcome since I was a bit taken aback with the fast phase yet undeniably confusing changes on episode 15. I’m sorry. The casts are good but the storyline left me unsatisfied. Sorry.

    1. not really, its how life is sometimes, fast or slow.. I think it was a heartwarming , heartbreaking, loving, romantic Drama. sometimes sad sometimes happy, parents not wanting you to date the guy the do not like, fighting, making up.. work problems , sexual harassment, its all real life… I give it Thumps up!!!! the leads were great …..

  13. I wish Jung hae in geta an award and like how Yoo jae suk said “hes gonna bcome like Song joongki and park bogum😁😁❤❤❤

  14. Truly a satisfying ending ….haven’t seem a good drama like this in a long time. Thank you for such a good drama…every step of the way through love and pain was felt by me so applause to the director and writers and actor/actress.

  15. ok a romcom drama we had alots of themes typical and it really fantasiatec that’s can’t happen in real life only in drama i don’t like imposible love couple that’s just me
    noonas with a hansome younger man only happen for celebraty
    they have a good chemistry they shared a good kissing scenes
    for me this too perfect to be true
    and if someone got to have somthings like that in real life he / her must be really really lucky for those who like romcom drama with a lots of day dreams this is for you i recommended

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