Something in the Rain episode 15 (eng sub)

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9 Replies to “Something in the Rain episode 15

  1. oh no she makes me so mad what the hell she is dating while he is suffering over her, I no longer feel like , liking her any more, that poor guy , gave everything he had his heart and soul for her,,,,,, couldn;t she wait till he came back , I do love them both but this is breaking my heart for him. I know she still loves him , so why date a loser again,,,,, i bet he did not date anyone…………… I am so surprise the writer is making her look bad,,,,,,, please give us a happy ending please,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, oH my next ep can not wait for this drama to be over now my heart can not take the break up…… True love is so so hard to find,,,,,,, and she found it in him,,,,,, his perfect, I would of been weak and went with him with open arms,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, thank you DF

  2. I realize she’s almost 40 and is desperate do to societal pressure, but this strains inevitability. Supposedly he taught her to be a grown up. She’s not acting very adult. She thinks of her time with him whilst pursuing another useless relationship. She still loves him, she should have been adult enough to tell him and remain waiting.

    1. I agree why the writer did this to her I do not know cause he must be stupid to think that us viewers will like that she did not go with him and then date again a stupid man by the look of him. and his reactions, I am so mad at Noona right now.. his so perfect in every way to her and for her……. she do not deserve him right now but i am still hoping they be together,, maybe she needs to wake up and let the rain drops fall on her head..

  3. I guess she’s just being obedient to her mother. During her birthday dinner with her family, her mother strongly stated that she (the mother) would find her someone to date! Anyway why should she ( Jina) even consider if she loves Joon Hee that much. They could have had a long distance relationship, as Joon Hee sure be coming back home. Oh well, it the writer’s priority. Hope this would have a happy ending. Just the same, Hae In and Ye-jin are excellent!

  4. Now its okay not to have a happy ending, so frustrating and disappointing. She dated another loser for what? thats insane! Urg I`m not sure if I will still watch the last episode I`m really disappointed.

  5. I have been mad at her since the episode before this one. She keeps acting immature and when she told noona that her needs came first, she should have been written off the drama. It was so selfish.

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