Something in the Rain episode 12 (eng sub)

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5 Replies to “Something in the Rain episode 12

  1. oh no if they break up I am stop watching I will not be happy.. please do not let her leave him his the best boyfriend she could ever want.. Please writer we need them to get married at the end……….. Please i know she should not have come between his father she should stay out of it… now his really mad at her and she at him……. not watching if they break up until it finish then I will check the ending can not have a sad ending….. love them both too much

    best couple in Drama for me..

  2. i had to watch that ending again,,,,, I want to hold him so close. His such a babe.. I have a new crush …

  3. I really hate Yoon jin Ah’s Mom.. Shes such a bitch! And really hate Yon jin ah . why she can’t decide for herself. She’s freakin old enough to know whats good and bad for her.. Why she have to listen always to her mom.. Her mom is so materialistic and so immature.. Arrghh this drama giving me stress. 😑

  4. Start feeling draggy..feeling mad jin ah being a nice girl end up causing all these mess.. she has the majority on her side just left her own mother to convince, still in these mess ..arrgghhh…

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