Something in the Rain episode 10 (eng sub)

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6 Replies to “Something in the Rain episode 10

  1. omg that mom , she loves to hit.. They have found a love like no other, leave them alone mom she is a women now.. his the best boyfriend any girl would love to have.. you have no love in your relationship it seems so do not hurt them.. his the best. Please realized mommy dearest that this is what will make your daughter happy , is her man………………. Love this drama and I want a happy ending please Thank you Dramafire I could not get on your site earlier and I started to cry. Then you came back.. I was so so happy cause your the best site ever………..

  2. Around 27’50 the mom said “I am you and you are me” by Zico, 2016. I laught so hard.

    But seriously this mother is gggrrrrr. I don’t even have words.

    Jin Ha and Joon He, fighting!

  3. Her mom needs to get a life…buy a clue. This is happening despite her pipe dreams of her daughter “marrying up”.

  4. Somebody get that women!!! Your daughter is 35! FOR GOD SAKE!! Great now I’m talking to drama’s characters. I most of lost my mind. This drama is not good for my health and soul.😭😭😭

  5. They have the sweetest love of all time. I’ve never felt so touched. Their love feels so real. He’s the sweetest man in the land of kdrama. Where can I find someone like that? lol. Someone who adores me unconditionally.

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