Rich Man, Poor Woman episode 12 (eng sub)

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7 Replies to “Rich Man, Poor Woman episode 12

  1. The whole time i was on edge hoping she go with him , yes start a new company, maybe with that cute guy he set a new company up with ,

  2. This much of heartlessness to be called “us ” wasn’t fair. What do you gain by ruining your friend completely?

  3. he seem nice at the beginning , but not any more. he will be sorry cause the CEO will be back….. with the girl he loves….. lol.

  4. That’s a perfect twisted character the vice president. It will be a relief when he’s busted for that illegal leak. It has to happen because people can’t keep secrets. He’s not the type to cut his tails either.

  5. Honestly I’m so pissed with all the changes compared with the japanese version, this is looking like Moon Lovers 17-18 episodes of drama, angst, fights, conflicts between all the cast & at the end 1-2 episodes of romance.
    I’m still watching it because of JunMyeon but is just so 😐 Min TaeRa character is annoying since the beginning, she practically forced YooChan to be in a relationship with him even knowing all his problems & that he’s not someone who shows his feelings but then got mad because of that like ???? you knew it since the start why are you complaining now? Min TaeJoon turning into the villain after BoRa reject his feelings is just show his real personality & that indeed he just used YooChan as a puppet to get at Taesang group but now that he knows BoRa likes YooChan he’s acting like trash even if that destroys his own company, how immature & dumb is that? Gosh, I feel so stressed with this drama but as I said, I’m still here for JunMyeon as I’m an EXO-L & Bunny citizen

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