Choi Ja-Hye is a lawyer and Dokgo Young is a detective with a hot temper. They work together on a murder case where the suspects are children from the elite class.

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10 Replies to “Return

  1. It happens that Choi ja hye character was changed or in ep 17 its diffrent choi ja hye?? Im confused……. park jin hee?? Or go hyun jung?? Hahaha

  2. I cant find the thrill anymore lol i feel that even the story got twisted too.. ep 19 pls so my curiousity stop 😂😂

  3. Guys, the original Choi Ja Hye actress had to be replaced as she and the Production team were not getting along…so this new person is the replacement. I guess they had to mistify the story line a bit because of the HUGE problem they had.

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