My ID Is Gangnam Beauty episode 6 (eng sub)

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9 Replies to “My ID Is Gangnam Beauty episode 6

  1. I don’t know what’s the intention of the writer of this drama is and or are. But I find it very annoying and stupid about not distinguishing or take a plastic person to the real one is. You already undergone surgery to be beautiful, then have the confidence and attitude to be not bullied or a push over. Also, when you undergone plastic surgeries, while healing you should take or took personality development. You also shouldn’t mind what others may think of you and don’t ever EVER compare yourself with others because thats STUPID!

    1. You are getting riled up for nothing…usu the lead forgives the villain magnanimously and they live happily ever after..enjoy her evil character cause she makes the lead more convincing if you think about it!

  2. Nice drama !!! I totally fall in love with the male actor!!!! He is very handsome and cute!!! when he appears I always pause the drama to just enjoy his face…….. <3

  3. Hey! Any links of where to download this episode? I tried to look anywhere but unfortunately I couldn’t find one. I’d be more happy and grateful if anyone will do me a favor. 🙂

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