My ID Is Gangnam Beauty episode 16 FINALE (eng sub)

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14 Replies to “My ID Is Gangnam Beauty episode 16 FINALE

  1. After end of each drama…. fantasy ended~~okay back to Normal Life~~~ sometimes later runs over to some other drama…. again fantasy life started…. drama Makes you undergo *Delirium*

  2. There’re alot of porn/R rated pop ups when clicked to watch the drama. Can Admin please do something about these illegal pop ups?

  3. *spolier ahead*
    I don’t understand why e extremely shy Mi Rae are suddenly so touchy and kissing so much on last ep? The writers rushed everything on last ep but still it ended quite ok. Was hoping that Mi Rae/Kyun Seok have better acting/lines rather than their awkward 1 word reply.

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