My ID Is Gangnam Beauty episode 11 (eng sub)

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11 Replies to “My ID Is Gangnam Beauty episode 11

  1. SPOILERS! don’t scroll down if you haven’t watched this episode

    the actual subs for 58:57 and 59:03 should have been “do you by any chance / don’t like me a little?”

  2. aahhh.. the actress who’s playing Kang Mi rae is not super good. I am not feeling this drama any more. I think it will be my last episode of this drama. Because I am getting bored from Kang Mi Rae voice and face.. Sorry..

    1. Oh!!! come on….just watch it to Do kyung seok then……At first I dont like her too but the story line is so good….and Mi rae’s face suits well the role she plays…..The time passes and I end up liking her

    2. me too but i already stoped last week this not for me so childesh exept the good looking lead actor and the first 2 eps i don’t like her either (K Mi Rae) not for her looks also her acting

  3. Grrr why mi rea & kyung seok so slow😏… soo a is being more forward 😒 taking all the opportunity to be with kyung seok haissst….

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