Ms. Hammurabi episode 3 (eng sub)

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8 Replies to “Ms. Hammurabi episode 3

  1. this just shows how women will always be oppressed by superiors or men with more strength or power no matter how confident and safe women feel. Not only in korea but all around the world

  2. I really touched by this drama. How women are facing the obstacles and how scary, responsible job of judge. But we don’t know when will this world would be safe and we felt safe to send our daughters outside. However it really comes from mens behavior. All men are not like that but not also. dont see women as a thing or something, treat like another human. Not men or women Or other. I really love the writer who wrote this novel. Hands-off… We respect.

  3. This was a touching ep :’) I cried a little, esp when the intern was crying so badly and when Oh-reum teared a little.
    The prevalence of sexual harassment can be found in our daily lives, and often many women brush it off as a joke and move on, especially in male-dominated industries.
    (Note that there are always exceptions and does not apply to all men!)
    Good reminder for strong independent women (like you) out there to always stand out for yourself and not let the virtuous cycle continue. Let’s fight on ladies <3

  4. such a good episode…that little “epilogue” though 🙁 people are always fighting for these cases, but it’ll still exist… :(((

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