Life on Mars episode 11 (eng sub)

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2.To download this episode, scroll down below the video player where download links are provided. It might take a while (few hours)for Rapidvideo(link 1) to approve and update the download links. So please be patient, or you can try other links.
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5 Replies to “Life on Mars episode 11

    1. Hello, could you let us know from what ads you’re getting “viruses”? Is it ads from the video hosting site – rapidvideo, openload, etc?

      1. Yes whenever I play video from Rapidvideo various page always open and ultimately my phone buzzes with a note that my phone has been infected with a virus. Plz do something. I’m a fan of your website and I really love your guys hardwork. Love you Dramafire!! 😍

        1. Thank you for your support Nina. We will contact Rapidvideo and see if this issue can be solved. Since the ads are not in our control (although we’ve requested for minimum ads display), there’s not much we can do except changing the hosting provider. So before we get any response from them, try using other servers. Thanks and enjoy your time here!

          1. Yes Drama Fire, we are getting a lot of porn sites. Now some people dont mind them but some of us sure do! Very embarrassing to see these naked people on our screens especially when kids are nearby.

            Rapid video is the main offender. Please ask them to desist. Thank you.

            My antivirus is constantly having to detect and quarantine sites whenever I am on your site.

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