Hide and Seek episode 2 (eng sub)

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2 Replies to “Hide and Seek episode 2

  1. I do not like the Grandma or the Secretary Kim or whatever she is called. Plus I am not sure how I feel about Chae Rin. I feel bad how they treated her as a kid and how they treat her now, but she she has such a strong personality that I am not sure if she is good or bad. So far Yeon Joo seems like a sweety and I am already thinking she is the missing Yoo-A. I also am not sure about Eun Hyuk if he likes Yeon Joo they have been together for a long time but it doesn’t feel like has feelings for her. Hoping I am wrong since she likes him. Jae-Sang character is slimey. Still enjoying this and very intrigued by the storyline. The person I like the most is the Father and Yeon Joo they both seem to be very nice people. But as this drama continues I am not sure if I have any of the characters down except the grandma and Moon Tae San. Also who took Yoo-A and why is another question I keep wondering. I don’t think Yeon-Joo Mom is someone that would of done.

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