Heart Signal 2 episode 13 (eng sub)

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11 Replies to “Heart Signal 2 episode 13

  1. I realized after watching this is that. Hyun Woo’s feelings towards Young Ju is not really love. He just planted in his mind that he likes her because he saw her once before the show starts then he believes in his mind that he really likes her. Young Ju & Hyun Ju gave different impact towards Hyun Woo. Hyun Ju makes Hyun Woo show his different side and she makes him comfortable and she can make Hyun Woo tell different things about him while Young Ju makes Hyun Woo happy because of the things they were doing. If you really watched and observe the whole episode seriously you will know what i am talking about. Regardless of anything i really liked the ending. Since Hyun Woo & Hyun Ju’s first date i’m already rooting for them. And i really hope that Young Ju and Gyu Bin will end up together since i really think that they will be a very beautiful couple. And i hope Do Gyun will try to open his heart towards Jang Mi and see why she is worth it. And lastly i am really happy for Jae Ho and Da Eun.

  2. Uh,im so sad for yj. From the beginning i like yj and hw to end up together. Uhm i can’t help it! Im crying for you yj.

  3. I’ve watched this over and over again..enjoyed so much…I like Hyun ju and Hyun Woo.
    Thanks.DramaFire 🙂

  4. I had to stop watching this, it hurt to see peoples feelings injured. I tuned in for the end of this last episode. I am so pleased I didn’t torture myself watching this . It’s not enjoyable at all. I’ll pass all together in the future. Peoples hearts aren’t toys.

  5. Hyun Woo and Hyun Ju’s relationship will not last long. They will both soon realize that Hyun Woo made a wrong decision. Hyun Woo’s heart, I think and Hyun Ju knows this much also, is pointing to Young Ju. However, Hyun Woo knows his relationship with Young Ju will be very dynamic like a rollercoaster ride and it will take a lot of effort in his part because he likes her more. In the end, he chose his mind rather than his heart. Hyun Ju is comfortable, loves him more, and will be the one to make an effort for their relationship to flourish. For how long will Hyun Ju can take it that she’s only a second choice. Young Ju, for her part will soon realize that what happened is a blessing in disguise. It will be tiring and frustrating to be in love with a guy you cannot lean on to and one you cannot trust. She was right to say, “ How can he like another one while liking me”

  6. I actually think the cast chose right in their own way…they chose what their heart was saying instead of their mind. This show is only for a month so they cannot choose their min compared to their heart. I was always a huge hwXyj shipper but i understood at the end that their relationship could have just been very comfortable and hw’s heart fluttered more with hj and not yj (like they said it is all about timing). Overall this season was a bit better than the first season and I liked it more!! I love YoungJu and Jangmi!! They are literally my goal girls!!!

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