Family Secrets

2018/06/Family-Secrets.jpgFamily Secrets” />
Yang Hee tries her best to be the model daughter-in-law and mother, but her family members seem resolved to make this as difficult as possible. Her daughter Joo Ri is the only comfort and breadwinner of the family, but Yang Hee is worried that she’ll never get married because of it. Her husband Wang Bok has no interest in work and retired to spend more time at home on the Internet, her son Tae Pyung is similarly unemployed and plays the guitar all day, and her father-in-law has Alzheimer’s, making him impossible to live with. Renters that she found for the second-floor of their house is repeatedly driven away because of his habits, and Yang Hee becomes frustrated and increasingly suspicious of the reason why the rest of her family seem to be so opposed to the second-floor being rented. What are they hiding?

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