Come and Hug Me episode 18 (eng sub)

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5 Replies to “Come and Hug Me episode 18

  1. omg this drama is the best netflix should buy this one too.. Love it at the end of this ep he should of kissed her,, man that face at that time, so sad,, i love him his the best of the best actor..

  2. Three people in this drama that make me want to throw up every time they are on screen, that ugly and scary looking murderer, the son who follows his father like the idiot he is and then the one who I don’t who she think she is and why she is harassing the victims of such a horrible crime. I really wish someone, anyone will smash her face in and wipe that wicked smile she always has on her face.

  3. This drama rips my heart out! When they are crying I am crying, the ending with Na Moo and Nak Won! Have to agree with Walbi when the Father is on the screen my heart ends up leaping into my throat and wondering when he will die, he is so evil and twisted. The reporter I don’t know what I want to happen to her but something she is despicable! Hyun Moo is so messed up and violent but I am not sure if he really means to harm Na Moo in some of this episode I was actually feeling like he felt regret. Now we have another twist to make me wonder what is going to happen next between the guy that is following people, and the night that everything happen. I love this drama I am always on a roller coaster of emotions from sad, to upset, to smiling at some of the sweet moments. I can’t believe the ratings for this drama isn’t higher.

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