Cai Shen You Dao

2018/06/Cai-Shen-You-Dao.jpgCai Shen You Dao” />
Once upon a time in a simple examination, the Taoist indifferent, moved the examiner clay doll, accident. There are clear of wealth to house do money Xiaoli, the copper number all day. He hated the gas of the place, decided to break tiantiao, don’t do the gods. Youdao hypocrisy molesting eight princess, don’t want to eight Princess false play really, first awakening interest in the opposite sex. Eight princesses to secure a when the God of wealth, so that it can marry do God grandma. The Jade Emperor sent the God of wealth, big brother and Youdao together to compete the reincarnation, God of wealth. Eight Princess cheating, big brother go poor money home, he fell into the wood of the first rich city home.


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