Are You Human? episode 9 ( 17 – 18 ) (eng sub)

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19 Replies to “Are You Human? episode 9 ( 17 – 18 )

  1. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode …omo omo that entry was daebak… I don’t think that this man is going to be free after this 😱😱😰

  2. wow you save your girl Shin I think the real shin woke up for the wedding and the robot is on his way to save his girl.. i am hoping they stay together please amazing couple for sure human and Robot.. I love to have a robot like him any day. Thank you DF

  3. i had to watch the ending again love it.. I hope he kisses her when he takes her out of the car trunk… love this Drama love the leads so awesome. most handsome Robot I have ever seen. he has it all……………… love the lead girl as well ..

  4. Did anyone else think of Goblin and Gong Yoo with the way Namshin entered? LOL But omggg, the end was daebak. I can’t wait till tomorrow’s ep!

  5. What are we thinking? How come we ship them? He is a robot for God stick? How can a robots be with an human been? This is not Fair fo her also for him too
    He is very handsome man /actor this a fact that’s why we are here isn’t? Of course for the plot too but he is a robot ( his role) they can be friend a couple I don’t think so
    So for me either the real Nam shin wake up using parts from the Nam shin the robot ” his brain” as an substitute for his and of course with all the memory of bo song or
    ms bo song had a robotic parts whene she got injured baldly in an unusual accident so they can either both humans or both robots
    sorry it should be one of this two ways
    what do you think guys ?

    1. Yea your theory is enlightening, but at the same time, we all want a happy ending. I will feel bad if the robot is destroyed common, he’s doing 80% of the work in this drama. I don’t like the fact that the mum treats him less ,he’s an AI robot, he studies human emotions and stores them up. He’s a real asset.

      1. yes he is i really like him and i’d love to have him just for me who doesn’t ?but still can shipe him with her it’s sick sorry that’s only me

  6. The lead girl isnt that good in terms of looks and acting ….shin is way better than her in every way…the lead girl is not pretty at all…I’m just watching it cos it has a nice plot n yeah shin too…I won’t even give 2* for the lead girl

  7. Wow! Parang Goblin ang entrance ni Shin as he rescued the female lead,. Very nice drama. Heart pounding and exciting!

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