Are You Human? episode 18 finale ( 35 – 36 ) (eng sub)

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21 Replies to “Are You Human? episode 18 finale ( 35 – 36 )

  1. Thank you df and subbers, this drama was great great actors and cast leads were awesome, Robot shin was the best, wish everyone in this crazy world could be like him, hats off to the writer and producers,, who ever cast the leads were dead on,, great acting ,, best drama, best story, best robot drama and best couple for me,,,,, loved how she loved him knowing his not human, but really was more human then anyone around him. will watch this drama over and over,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  2. omg omg that was beautiful, when he cry at the end l was screaming like crazy all around the house, awesome !!! im so happy for them.

  3. Such a great drama. A bit underrated. I really thought it would get more ratings but still, I’m happy I watched this. It was interesting, touching, funny and just beautiful. Thank you for this drama!

    1. ratings are based in Korea never know why they always have low ratings for the best Dramas, like Moon Lovers, same thing , but I think the writers & producers know where the best fans come from … Great drama and I give it 10/10 Thank you for liking it as much as me………

  4. Thank you so much to all the Casts
    To the Writer Director Script Writer Cameramen and All for giving us an Excellent Movie!!!
    Awesome KDrama that I will always remember.
    Thank you for the English Sub Thank you Dramafire!!!

  5. wow! very good robot drama! I cried a lot huhuhuh……I love the actors and the story! very well done… Hope it will be shown in the Philippines…thanks DF for getting good dramas for us! Congrats shin!

  6. I love when Nam Sin III cried out of joy and human nam sin smile is so lovely 🙂 love you seo kang joon! and other cast! Thank u for eng subs! Thanks dramafire!!

  7. I am crazy have been watching this over and over time for a break move on to another drama for a while .. Thank you DF this was one of the best Dramas I have seen in a long long time.

  8. I find the ending sad though. One day, Kang So Bong will grow old, and will leave Nam Shin III in tears, hurt & alone.

    SKJ’s acting is great. I love and hate him at the same time.

  9. I just can’t relate falling in love with a robot. It feels like I’m in live with my hp. Don’t get me wrong it is a good drama but I hope it was more realistic to real life.

  10. Magandang drama salamat kdrama im enjoying watching 😙 pity for the 3 handsome guy left walang lovelife buti pa ang robot mayroon hahahha may happy ending . Z😂😍

  11. had to watch again , love it always .. this ost is awesome had to download , listen to this ost everyday.. Thank You DF you my only site I watch drama on. Your the best

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