Are You Human? episode 10 ( 19 – 20 ) (eng sub)

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8 Replies to “Are You Human? episode 10 ( 19 – 20 )

  1. I think they are falling in love , now the real Shin is waking up what will mommy dearest do.. maybe Robot Shin will take control and get his lady , I hope…. that kill switch has got to go before that bad guy finds out.. The grandfather knows his a robot, wow… another surprise…. maybe the real shin wakes up but do not know anyone or anything.. I still hoping for Robot shin and his body guard end up together at the end………… and mommy loves them both………

  2. I like this drama and I really want to see robot namshin and kang so Beong they happy end at final episode 😍😍😍 이드라마가 너무 좋아요 😍😍😍 🇰🇷

  3. wow another ep on Wednesday , hey thats today yesssssssssssssss best Drama in 2018 I love it……….. kang so Beong I really like this actress. will have to look her up… Need a happy ending for those two , still broken hearten from Scarlet Lovers.. Dramafire you are awesome .. Thank you for this amazing drama and cast..

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