About Time

Our heroine will have the unfortunate ability to see the “life clocks” of everyone around her, including herself, and the hero will somehow be able to stop her “time” without lifting a finger. This story will follow time that is stopped, extended, and even erased through the love they have for each other.

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2 Replies to “About Time

  1. From the start i dislike the two main characters chemistry already. The male actor seemed too old and serious for the sunny and young personality of the female actress. Nonetheless i still made the effort to watch hoping the story would surpass the poor chemistry. Honestly it failed to fuel.my interest… watching each episode is a truggle.. until i just browsed on each episode… till the end. Just to solve my curiosity on the girls fate. Such a waste of time!

  2. Couple’s chemistry is a “no” for me. The man is too old for her ( and he is actually 9 years older). I guess it kinda affected the whole package since the story is not that fabulous.

    I am curious if that is the leading lady’s real voice. I think she is good in portraying it. With her sunny and bubbly personality. But i really wish she would return to her role as the “crazy bitch” (cheese in the trap) , where i really had my share of laugh and admiration on her versatility. Sad to say this drama is not for her so i its kind of a waste of talent.

    I think you would only enjoy this story if you will like the chemistry. Otherwise… its a bit boring

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