About Time episode 6 (eng sub)

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7 Replies to “About Time episode 6

  1. too many lovers in this one .. oh dear,, I started to really like this then this other lady comes into the picture, one he can not get over come on, why fall in love again then.. the fiance of his is a big bitch. hate her,,,,,,,,,,, and if he still has feeling for the first love lady which by the way is not even pretty in my eyes,, then why shake up this girl.. she is having a hard life as it is going to die early in life……… if he goes for the first love just for an ep or two I am out of this Drama………

  2. Looks like the writers are trolling the audience. He’s clearly shocked, but it makes no sense that he would still in love with her. She what messed up his mind. I think the fiance demonstrated how little she cared. It’s all about control with her, or she would have took her hands off the situation, maybe go on a trip for a while.

  3. I’m curious how they going to play this out. I think they mentioned in earlier eps that his first love broke his heart and ran away so i take it this is the first time he saw her in years. The bitch aka would be fiance likes playing games and being in control. She could have been the reason that girl left in the first place. Well see how they work that.

    Onto the Kia’s older lady friend she can see time to!!! I wonder does she knows that she has that gift as well?

    They did this story so diffrent. He falls for her in the first few eps, we already got rival lovers and angst and we only 6 eps in. How they going to fill the next eps??

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