About Time episode 12 (eng sub)

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9 Replies to “About Time episode 12

  1. I think her mother might actually begin to understand all that her daughter does to keep things running smoothly at home.

  2. ok its about time you get back with him and both live your lives happy until you die. that is what life is about no one knows what time they will die.. better to spend it with someone who loves you even if its on.y a few months.. come on girl. before that bitch makes him into a lost puppy. and has to marry her… I hate her so much………..

  3. OK 1st thing the crazy chick….you had him, you had him for years! how many times did he ask this girl to marry him and she would say no and keep the ring… No one to blame but yourself for losing him.

    The director….he really thinks he can’t be replaced lol

    Mi Ka why are you making this choice for him???? TELL HIM ALREADY, DAMN

    1. That woman isn’t really that crazy. She had him and liked him but she wanted his affection too before she marries him – so it’s not just a business marriage. That’s why she asked Mika to not stir him because she recognized his expression when he looks at Mika as love she never got from him. Yeah, she’s really starting to do really bad things but to her defence, she’s a smart and privileged woman who never received love (DoHa’s father sees her as a bank and his brother sees her as a threat to his inheritance). She’s tried many different ways from subtle to now aggressive. I’m not saying she’s doing the right thing, obvs. But I actaully like this character because she’s not the typical insane rich antagonist (DoHa’s father is though.)

      I agree with you about Mika though, she should just tell him or her family what’s going on. Whether they believe her or not is up to them but this is just causing so much unnecessary push and pull.

  4. what shitty thing just happened? this doesn’t make sense!!!!! i don’t get it. noooooooo. i just cried when i saw this!!! >_<

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