A Poem A Day episode 15 (eng sub)

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5 Replies to “A Poem A Day episode 15

  1. This drama lost its touch very early. I was expecting it to be a great one. The main lead guy (Dr. Ye I’m hoping) didn’t have enough screen time. He doesn’t have much chemistry with Bo Young. I guess the writer failed to see this unless the main lead suddenly changes to Min Ho in the last episode which would be a disaster. Min Ho has a fickle personality throughout the drama changing his mind then and now. They should have shown him get over Bo Young maturely by now. I mean its just the final episode left. Well anyway, that’s the K drama I guess. Why would there be a second lead if that was not the case huh? Lol.

    1. Finally someone share the same idea. Been disappointed since ep12 because Ye line’s chemistry feels so unnatural. I Ye line but it feels like Minho is the lead because his chemistry with Boyoung feels much stronger.

  2. this drama I thought was going to be awesome. I was hoping she go back with her ex I really liked him.. DR YE I thought was not her type.. but it seems she will stay with him and have good memories of her ex, I hope he gets over her ,, it was a bit slow this drama not much romance between her and the Dr.. did not feel anything,,,,,, But I did feel it with her ex.. oh well its a K-drama and it was ok,,,,,,,,,,, could of made it more romantic and more exciting,, even some of the characters were slow. but I love K Drama ,,, maybe see Min HO in another Drama soon and get the girl………..thank you drama fire,

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